1099 MISC Form for an Independent Contractor

Form 1099 MISC Online Filing is the responsibility of the payer who is paying more than or equal to 600$ to an individual contractor over the year? If you are the payer for your business or company or trade, then E-File 1099 MISC Form for your independent contractor. For the 1099 MISC Form Filing process, […]

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Federal Taxes Due Date in 2020

Federal Taxes Due Date in 2020: COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has changed some situations during the 1099 Form Filing 2020 tax season. The biggest change is postponed the tax deadline from April 1st to July 15, 2020. The taxpayer gets an extra three months this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The IRS and Treasury Department […]

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What’s The Difference Between W-9 And 1099 Forms?

What’s The Difference Between W-9 And 1099 Forms? The Payer requires a 1099 Misc information return when a contractor performs paid work for a business. The contractor fills out the W-9 form to provide details to the entity. The business reports the contractor’s yearly earnings on the 1099 tax form with the support of the […]

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Common Errors On 1099 Misc Form

Common Errors On 1099 Misc Form: As a 1099 filer, you must find out the errors on the 1099 Tax form before filing with the Internal Revenue Service. Below we provide the common errors on federal tax 1099 Misc form. So you can check the errors on form 1099 Misc form, then fie with the […]

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IRS 1099 MISC Miscellaneous Form

IRS 1099 MISC Miscellaneous Form Online Filing for 2020 Tax Year: The Internal Revenue Service collects the tax for income. Who is getting Miscellaneous Income and who are paying the money to the individual person. They will report their income and payments to the Internal Revenue Service. Record all your income and the payments over […]

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