Federal 1099 R Tax Form Advantages: Did you receive a 1099 R Form in 2020 tax year? A 1099 R Form reports distributions from retirement accounts. Distributions from other sources can also be reported on a 1099 R Form and it’s possible to get one even if you’re not a retiree making withdrawals to fund your retirement.

Knowing what to do with a 1099 R Form helps you to accurately report income you receive on the tax return form. We’ll let you know about main purpose of 1099 R Form, Form 1099 R filing information and how to report 1099 R Form respectively.

What is the main purpose of 1099 R Tax Form?

The main purpose of IRS 1099 R Tax Form is to report taxable distributions from certain types of accounts, many of which are retirement savings accounts. You’ll generally receive 1099 R Form for distributions of $10 or more.

The custodian completing the 1099 R Form must fill out three copies of every 1099 R Form they issue.

  • One of the copy of 1099 R Form for the IRS.
  • Other copy of the Form for the recipient of the distribution.
  • One for any applicable state, city or local tax department.

What is the IRS 1099 R Tax Form?

1099 R Tax Form reports distributions from a retirement or tax-deferred account during the tax year. Custodians or investment companies send 1099 R Form to the investors where the investments are held. Most of the investors receive a 1099 R Tax Form, when there is any form of distributions from a retirement account. The distributions are in the form of direct rollover or when a person transfers annuities etc.

Like the W-2 Form for employees, retirees have their own version of income reported to the IRS. 1099 R Tax Form reports the income earned through retirement plans during a calendar year.

When do you receive a 1099 R Form?

You may receive a 1099 R Tax Form for the following circumstances:

Profit-sharing or retirement plans

A profit sharing is a retirement plan that gives employees a share in the profits of a company. Under this type of plan, an employee receives a percentage of a company’s profits based on its quarterly or annual earnings. If the custodian pays a retired employee of $10 or more distribution during the year, the file 1099 R Form with the retired employee.


An annuity is a contract between an individual and an insurance company in which individuals make a series of payments and in return receive distributions at some point in future. File 1099 R Tax Form if you pay $10 or more distributions as annuities in a tax year.


A pension is retirement plan that provides a monthly income in retirement. Custodians file 1099 R Form if the distributions of $10 or more paid for pensions during the calendar year.

You might also receive 1099 R Form when you’re actively working. If you’re not yet retired, here are some instances when you might receive a 1099 R Form:

  • You take out a payout on a matured life insurance policy.
  • Early distribution taken from a traditional IRA.
  • You took a loan from annuity and fail to repay it.

Form 1099 R filling information

Like other 1099 Forms, a 1099 R Tax Form divides information in to two parts. On the left side of the Form are boxes that include:

  • The name, address, phone number and TIN of the payer.
  • Recipient name, address and TIN.
  • An account number, for the payer to distinguish your account.
  • Date of payment.

The right side of the Form are the boxes that include distributions paid to the retired employee during the year. Enter the distribution in the respective box of the Form 1099 R.

1099 R Tax Form uses

If the payee needs to report the information of1099 R as income, then the payee needs to gather all the 1099 R Forms. The information provided in 1099 R Form is used in reporting income return form of the payee. Payee needs to enter the information into the correct box on Form 1040.

For the tax year 2020, the IRS has released a draft form that separates 1099 R Form information by type- Line 4a for IRA distributions and Line 5a for pensions and annuities.

How to file 1099 R Form?

According to the IRS guidelines, the taxpayer must file 1099 Forms electronically for more than 250 Forms. Most of the taxpayers adopt e-filing process to file their information returns from past few years. You can file Form 1099 R Online by choosing an IRS authorized e-file provider. Alternatively, if you use online tax preparation software and filing Form 1099 R, the technology can do the calculations for you based on the information you enter.

File your 1099 R Form recipient copy within February 1st, 2021. Submit 1099 R Form Copy A to the IRS by March 31st, 2021 if filed electronically.

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