Now you can report your Miscellaneous Income to the IRS online within a few minutes. Yes, by using the internet, you can File, edit, and send your Filled 1099 MISC Form to the IRS &to your recipient. Within a few minutes, you can finish your 1099 Miscellaneous Form Filing process. And, one more thing filers, we are providing complete services related to the 1099 MISC Form. So, don’t think for other options, just look at our website and 1099 MISC Form Online Reporting.


Report your income with 1099 MISC Form

You have two methods to File the 1099 MISC Tax Form. From the below options, choose the better option for the filing process. They are

  • Paper Filing
  • Online Filing

If you use the paper filing method, you have to write your basic information in the Federal Tax Form 1099 MISC. By using the paper filing method, you have to spend more time on the filing process. Because of the late filing, you may cross the deadline for the submission. To solve these issues the IRS provided another option to File Federal 1099 MISC Form. That is an Electronic Filing method.

By using an Electronic Filing method, you can save your valuable time. Creating your own account on our website, you can E-File 1099 MISC Form within a few minutes. At any time you can change your details, submit your Filled 1099 MISC Form to the IRS & individual person. And, you can check the status of your 1099 MISC Reporting Form Filing from anywhere. To report your income online, you need to create an account on our website with your name, mobile number, and email id. Or if you are an old user, then sing into your registered account with your username and password. For the Miscellaneous Income report to the IRS, you have to enter some basic details like

1. Payer Information
2. An Individual contractor details

1. Payer Information

The Payer, who paid the money to an independent contractor for their service? Here, you need to file with the payer name, email id, mobile number, and address. To identify the payer profile by the IRS, you need to enter your Federal Identification Number. Tax Payer ID is important for the 1099 MISC Tax Form Online Filing process like Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number. Choose the correct identity of the payer as Tax Identification Number Type as either EIN or SSN.

2. An Individual contractor details

An Independent contractor, who is working individually in different organizations? That particular individual contractor didn’t get any benefits from his working company. He is not working regularly for that company or business. As a payer, you have to enter your recipient details for whom you paid the amount more than or equal to 600$ during the year. In the Recipient details, enter the name, email id, mobile number, and address of your non – employee. Make sure filers, enter the valid address of your self – employed worker, to send the filled IRS 1099 MISC Form.

For the payment process to your non – employee, enter the registered bank account number of your non – employee. At the final stage of the 1099 Federal MISC Form Online Filing process, select the Tax Identification Number Type of your recipient. Here, you have two options such as Employer Identification Number and the Social Security Number. So, depends on your recipient identity choose the TIN Type as either EIN or SSN. To identify your independent contractor by the Internal Revenue Service, enter the Federal Identification Number of your recipient.

Payment Category Selection:

While you are reporting your Miscellaneous Income Tax to the IRS, you need to select the payment category in the IRS Tax Form 1099 MISC. Here, the IRS provides a number of categories like rents, royalties, medical & healthcare payments, crop insurance proceeds, attorney, fishing boat proceeds, prizes & awards, and etc. If you paid more than or equal to 600$ (for royalty 10$) for any category within the financial year to an independent worker, then you have to select the category and enter the paid amount in that category.

After the completion of your reporting through online filing, submit the Filled copy to the IRS & non – employee. An Internal Revenue Service providing a due date to E File 1099 MISC Form. You need to send the Filled 1099 MISC Tax Form to your corresponding recipient on or before February 1st, 2021. In the Electronic Filing process, you have to submit the Filled copy to the IRS before the 31st March, 2021. Otherwise, you may face the penalty charges by the Internal Revenue Service.

File Form 1099 Online from our website

Still, you have any doubts regarding 1099 Form Online Filing, Due Date, then contact our customer care number on +1-316-869-0948 and solve your issues within a minute. For the Filing process, visit our website at and E File 1099 MISC Form within a few minutes. You can also contact our website services through mail 1099 MISC Form Online Reporting is easy on our website.


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