1099 K Tax Form overview: Did you know when was the Form 1099 K introduced? Form 1099 K was introduced into law in 2008 and didn’t go into effect until 2011. 1099 K considered as the youngest of the 15 different types of 1099 Forms.
Do you know when you may receive a 1099 K form? Don’t worry we’ll let you know about 1099 K tax Form. You may receive 1099 K Tax Form when a TPSO paid $600 or more to you in the previous calendar year.

What is a 1099 K Form?

Form 1099 K an “information return” tax form that the IRS requires payment settlement entities to report credit card and third-party transactions. It was first introduced for tax years starting in 2011. The Form will include the gross amount of all the payments from a PSE. This Form reports the total gross volume of online payment transactions made through the business owner.

1099 K Form is an income reporting form used by the IRS. Payment processing services such as PayPal required to issue the Form to the IRS for reporting the sales of their customer. So, if your business gets income from several different sources like PayPal, checks, and cash, you need to report a 1099 K Form.

IRS 1099 K Form important things to know

Given below are the important things to know about IRS 1099 K tax Forms:

  • As per the IRS, all merchants must report monthly and annual gross sales by payment cards to the IRS via 1099 K Form.
  • A copy of the Form simultaneously sent to both the IRS and the merchant.
  • Delivery of 1099 K Forms will begin in mid-January and all required Forms will be mailed by February 1st.
  • All the merchants who have processed credit card transactions in the tax year being reported will receive the Form.
  • If the combinations of the TIN and the business name on the Form don’t match, then the merchant said to be in a non-matching status. This leads to possible fines and withholding of funds by the IRS.

Who files a 1099 K Form?

Now you’re able to know about 1099 K Tax Form. You may be probably wondering about who files this form. Credit card companies like Visa and Master card, and third-party processors like PayPal, eBay, and Amazon files the Form. These are required to report the transactions that they process for retailers. They report these transactions by filing Form 1099 K online with the IRS and sending the retailer a copy. Given below the organizations which issue a 1099 K to any providers of goods and services:

Payment Settlement Entity

An organization that facilitates payments between parties for payment cards or third-party payment networks. There are two types of PSEs:

Merchant Acquiring Entity

A MAE is a type of PSE that has the contractual obligation to make a payment to a merchant in settlement of a payment card.

Third-party Settlement Organization

An agreement where a third-party handle payment between someone providing goods/service and the purchaser.

When do you receive a 1099 K Tax Form?

You should receive Form 1099 K by February 1st, 2021 if in the prior calendar year, you received:

  • Payments from payment card transactions. For example, debit, credit, or stored-value cards.
  • The payments in settlements of third-party network transactions.
  • The minimum reporting threshold for:
  • Gross payments that exceed $20,000 and
  • More than 200 transactions;

For example:

If you own an online store and were paid via PayPal or credit card transactions, then you’ll get a 1099 K Form.

How are the reported sales on 1099 K Form calculated?

1099 K Form will list the gross dollar amount of payment card transactions for the tax year. Gross dollar amount means that the dollar amount listed on the Form are sales only. Refunds, adjustments, and reversals are not included on the Form.

It also means that the dollar volume listed on the month end paper statements may not match what is listed on the Form 1099 K. The merchant’s month end statement shows net dollar amounts. The net dollar amount is the difference between sales volume and refunds, adjustments, reversals.

Can 1099 K Forms be filed electronically?

Yes, you can file 1099 K Forms electronically. Those who file the Forms may do so through the FIRE system. If a PSE has more than 250 individual information returns to file in any calendar year, file them electronically.

You may also file your 1099 K Form using IRS authorized e-file provider. Within few steps you can file your 1099 Form electronically. If you’re a new user to file online, you may create an account providing the required details. Generate a password to login the account. Existing users may log into the e-file provider. Select the Form 1099 K in the e-file provider site and fill in the Form with the required details.

Submit the 1099 K Form to the IRS by March 31st, 2021. Furnish the Copy A of the Form to the merchants by February 1st, 2021.

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